Клипарт: ClipArt Design - Ultimate Backgrounds 1

Написал GanjaParker, 3 марта 2011
ClipArt Design - Ultimate Backgrounds 1

ClipArt Design - Ultimate Backgrounds 1

Package Includes:
Floral Ornament Backgrounds - 100 vectors files
Grunge Backgrounds and Frames - 100 vector files
Grunge Splash Backgrounds - 100 vector files
Ornamental Grunge Backgrounds - 50 vector files
Ornamental Winter Backgrounds - 100 vector files
Winter Panel Backgrounds - 50 vector files
Compatible with all major graphic design, sign making, digital printing, embroidery and engraving programs.
Images are not combined and can easily be re-colored by ungrouping the image.
Images can be scaled from business card to billboard size without distortion.
All files are saved as industry standard EPS files.

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