Шаблоны: ActiveDen - Euphoria Website Template (Incl FLA) - Rip

Написал GanjaParker, 4 апреля 2011
ActiveDen - Euphoria Website Template (Incl FLA) - Rip

ActiveDen - Euphoria Website Template (Incl FLA) - Rip
SWF | FLA| 132MB

Template Overview

Euphoria website template is fully XML driven highly customizable deep linking flash template.Its minimal design is perfect for business and portfolio showcase. Supports two level deeplinking and comes with included Roman, Greek and Cyrillic characters, so all you need to do is write your text in xml file.All settings are easily customized from the XML file.


Main Features:

* Two level deeplinking
* Full XML driven
* SWFFit for browser size fit
* Drop down menu
* 12 modules
* Minimal Design
* Special chars
* Mac mouse wheel
* YouTube video support
* Video background support
* External SWF support
* Different layout positions

12 Modules:

* Unique home module
* Unique Portfolio module
* Clean Gallery module
* Advanced News module
* Advanced Content module
* Smooth Banner Rotator module
* Clean Video Gallery module
* Single Video module
* Contact module – PHP
* External SWF module
* Audio Player module
* Internal and External links

Unique home module

* Supports Banner rotator,Image, Video or Youtube video as head file
* Unlimited number of boxes
* Five types of boxes: custom text, last item from gallery, portfolio, news module with auto generated links or twitter feed (requires PHP 5 + support)
* Special chars

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