Шаблоны: ActiveDen - Forma Template (Incl FLA - Black) - Rip

Написал GanjaParker, 10 апреля 2011
ActiveDen - Forma Template (Incl FLA - Black) - Rip

ActiveDen - Forma Template (Incl FLA - Black) | FLA | SWF | XML | RIP | 20MB


FORMA Template is very easy to use, easily customizable and easy to add or remove modules.
Almost all of the settings and customizations parameters of the template can be sets through the xml files.
This template has been conceived to be the most versatile as possible, and it’s customizations possibilities are infinite.
You can create a personal and highly personalized website simply changing the parameters and contents.

FORMA Template is provided with 15 different external modules.
FORMA template has a lot of features as: logo alignments position, menu autohide options, section background images or video, a multi-galleries module, an enhanced news modules….

FORMA Template is the perfect solution to create a portfolio or a brand site in few minutes!

The FORMA Template perfectly fits to almost all needs because it has a variety of modules that can be load.

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