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Написал GanjaParker, 13 апреля 2011
ActiveDen - myPad XML Website - Rip

myPad XML Website | SWF | XML | 70MB

Introducing the myPad.

This is a Flash XML iPad simulator, including slide to unlock, draggable tweened pages, slideshow, contact, gallery, video and mp3 player!

Following on from the myPhone, I’ve created something on a slightly larger scale, with more functionality and attention to detail (please note I will be updating the myPhone to include a more accurate slide to unlock and eased dragging).

All content is editable in a text editor so you don’t even need Flash – just follow the comprehensive readme file.

Item features

* Updating time and date
* Realistic slide to unlock
* XML slideshow mode
* Draggable pages with easing motion
* Contact page sends a message to your specified email address
* XML gallery with preloading images
* Video (flv or any standard format if recompiling)
* XML Mp3 player with playlist
* Working home button

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