Шаблоны: Bookstore - EMTheme Premium Magento Theme

Написал GanjaParker, 30 апреля 2011
Bookstore - EMTheme Premium Magento Theme

Bookstore - EMTheme Premium Magento Theme | 163 MB
DEMO: http://www.emthemes.com/demo/#magento-theme-book-store-em0004


- Div/Tabless HTML mark-up
- XHTML 1.0 Strict valid.
- CSS 2.0 and CSS 3.0 valid.
- Cross-browser support. Compatible with all major browsers such as IE7+, Firefox 3, Safari 5, Chrome 5, Opera 10.
- Prototype-based javascript (avoid javascript confliction).
- Support Magento CE version 1.4.0 and higher.
- SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-orient in design and development, fast loading.
- Full PSD files supplied, easy to edit.
- Well-structured and commented HTML & CSS for easy customization.
- Full user guide documentation to help you installing and utilizing the theme.

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