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ActiveDen - City – Parallax Landing Page full XML Driven - Rip

ActiveDen - City – Parallax Landing Page full XML Driven - Rip | 35,7 MB

Street Dreams are made of these…

A Landing page is used to convert visitors into customers, City Virtual Street will make that happen.

This Flash Intro Landing page template is a short interactive presentation that will help you to advertise your or your customers business.

You will gain your users interest through the 3D animation and the various (partially interactive) elements on the page. The focus is on the mouse steered journey to what is protected by the grates.

The whole theme is easy to install and 100% fully XML customizable. No need to touch Flash directly.


* Fully XML driven
* Unique and individual appearance
* Music On/Off and volumes
* Pack includes 3 complete xml examples, and also MultiLanguage SWF Version(!)
* Add as many Graffity as you wish
* Add as many stickers / images, swf files on door, header as you wish
* Add 3D Objects on the street, and set the left and right endpoints via XML to make perfect 3D Animations
* Smart Loading
* Automatic Image Rotator on the Tablet (as many as you wish)
* Color the Lamps, Tablet
* Set rotation, position, scale, alpha, color etc via XML of any images, text etc.
* Can load SWF , PNG, GIF , JPG
* Feather Fade in Animation on Images
* Set the Background Image / SWF File behind the Door to creat your perfect surprise for your visitor
* Link to URL (URL and target set via XML as well) after the Intro finnished
* Funny extras like: Click on the Trash Bin to smash some trash in the bin :-)
* 3 Great Live Preview Samples

DEMO: http://activeden.net/item/city-parallax-landing-page-full-xml-driven/full_screen_preview/239994

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