Шаблоны: Adminica - ThemeForest Professional Admin Template

Написал GanjaParker, 1 июня 2011
Adminica - ThemeForest Professional Admin Template

Adminica - ThemeForest Professional Admin Template | 21,4 MB

Adminica is a cleanly coded, beautifully styled, easily customisable, cross-browser compatible Admin Template and Web Application Interface.

Adminica is packed full of features, allowing you unlimited combinations of layouts, controls and styles to ensure you have a trully unique app.

Based on a fluid 960.gs grid, Adminica can scale itself automatically to fit whatever screen resolution the user has. The interface works perfectly all the way down to iPad and iPhone resolutions (Make sure you click on remove frame on the TF Live Preview to see iPhone scaling properly). If you prefer a fixed layout, Adminica has that too, 960px is the default width but you can set it to whatever you like and the interface will resize accordingly.



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