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CodeCanyon - Awesome Facebook Application UPDATED

CodeCanyon - Awesome Facebook Application UPDATED | 10,5 MB
Awesome Facebook Application is the perfect app to implement in your marketing projects, facebook pages or just to learn pretty much everything you need to know about facebook apps. It is fully customizable with 5 color skins, psd’s included and a well documented help file. You can do pretty much everything you want with it!!!
The app works like this:

* First, the app reads the cookie from the logged facebook user and pulls his or her profile picture.
* Then, the app saves the profile picture in the local host into a folder named fb_images.
* When the user clics on the “publish photo” button the app render the elements added into the profile picture in the local server and then uploads it into a new photo album in the users profile.


* Graph api using php
* 5 color skins
* XFBML Like Button
* Stream Publish (wall post)
* Invite Dialog
* PSD ’s included
* Well Documented
* Easy to customize


Why do I get this error?

failed to open stream: Permission denied in..

No se puede escribir el archivo local

Whats happening is that your server is not allowing the app to save the images into the “fb_images” folder.

Try giving the “fb_images” folder permissions 777. You can do this by making right click on the “fb_images” folder and select “file permissions” on your ftp program. Then assign the value 777 and click OK.

Can I change the logo?

Yes, of course you can.

Just replace the existing “logo.png” by your new logo in the “images” folder.

DEMO: http://codecanyon.net/item/awesome-facebook-application/132915

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