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Написал GanjaParker, 19 июля 2011
ActiveDen - proFashion – FaceBook Template

proFashion – FaceBook Template | SWF | XML | JPG | 111MB

proFashion’s stylish and trendy layout attracts attention and still makes your fanpage noticeable among others. Use features only Flash can offer: See our Worldpremiere page and enjoy the great mix of external SWF Animations and XML formated HTML contents (eat this ;) HTML5 ).
500 million Facebook users are waiting to get impressed by your page.

Even though it has 30+ modules and is full of features the most important feature remains its simplicity. You purchase the Template, customize it, upload it to your hosting and put it in your fanpage iframe. No need to touch Flash or having a database on your server. We put in all different styles and possibilities to show all its flexibility. Please click through all pages and variations to see its power and versatile range. We added many SWF and HTML Contents, created a Price Box Example, added 4 versions of contact modules, 4 Image Galleries, 2 Video Galleries, some partner examples and over 10 different(!) prepared styles. Goodies, like the SiteMap, which is generated automatically depending on your XML Structure, a Newsletter subscribe modul, unlimited(!) amount of miniNews or our modern art Menu system are included in this Template. The menu system with the descriptions and images helps you to a clean and perfect navigation as you are used to by the other more sophisticated Websites.



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