Шаблоны: ActiveDen - Mouse & Touch Web Template - Rip

Написал GanjaParker, 8 сентября 2011
ActiveDen - Mouse & Touch Web Template - Rip

ActiveDen - Mouse & Touch Web Template - Rip

This template was designed with both mobile and PC in mind, it imitates the drag and swipe touch events that are used on a mobile device, completely XML driven, no Flash knowledge required for setting up this Flash template and you don’t need to have a copy of the software (ADOBE FLASH ).

This template works on PC but more important this is optimized for mobile as well, it will work on devices that have support for Flash Player 10.1 or higher, it will identify if the device has touch screen capabilities. It will work on a touch or mouse enabled device. Below there is a demo video showcasing the template running on a samsung galaxy tab, considering the complexity of this template the performance is really good!


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